Golda Meir: Born May 3, 1898 – 1978

Golda Meir Tipping point image

World Changing Tipping Points

Golda Meir’s father was a Russian Jew who lived in Russia just prior to the Communist revolution. Moshe Mabovitch foresaw the escalating antisemitism and emigrated to America settling in the Midwest, affording to bring the rest of his family to America within a few years. and ultimately running a grocery store in Milwaukee. Golda was expected to wed in an arranged Marriage which caused young Golda at the age of 14 to run away to Colorado and live with her older married sister Sheyna Korngold. The Korngolds held intellectual evenings at their home, where Meir was exposed to debates on Zionism, literature, women’s suffrage, trade unionism, and more. In her autobiography, she wrote: “To the extent that my own future convictions were shaped and given form… those talk-filled nights in Denver played a considerable role.” In Denver, she also met Morris Meyerson, a sign painter, whom she later married at the age of 19.

Golda went on to become Israel’s first prime minister and leader in the Zionist movement. What would history have shown us if not for her poor carpenter fathers choice to leave everything behind and emigrate to America? And ultimately a rebellious teenage Golda  running away from home at age 14?

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