Kerwin Mathews: Born January 8, (1926 – 2007)

Kerwin Mathews Born January 8,  1926 – July 5,  2007

I remember watching reruns of “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad” as a kid  fascinated with “dynamation” and stop motion  which greatly influenced my own future with  computer animation.  Yet,  I could not have told you  the name of the lead actor when I was a kid.   Kerwin Mathews was one of those Actors who did his job so well that “stardom” was not , well – not  in the stars for him.  Mathews did his job so well that for thousands of young boys growing up in the 50’s-70’s  Kerwin Mathews  “WAS”  Sinbad.  “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad” will for ever be known as his greatest role…….

Here are some quotes from Kerwin Mathews

“I was the hardest working unknown actor in the world. I used to think I had to have three films in the can at all times or my life would collapse. Work was my only source of security.”

“I have absolutely no regrets about my acting career. Sometimes, I have doubts, but in balance I think it was certainly worthwhile for me to have temporarily left the real world and become an actor. I’m very proud of my work, because I did the best I could possibly do at the time. I always wanted to make one movie with a good acting role for me, but I never did. When I see actors today like William Hurt or Eric Roberts, I think they’re such a gift to cinema. I wish I had the chance to do what they do. I knew that I could and many people have agreed with me, but it didn’t work out that way. I still have great faith in the film business. The movies seem to be getting better all the time. Whatever direction the industry takes, I wish I were still a part of it. But I’m not going to get into the satin shirts and take a pill. I’ve made peace with my life.” (from a 1987 interview)

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