Alan Sues: Born March 7, 1926

Alan Sues is best remembered for his role in Laugh-In. The 1968-1973 television program. Sues’ on-screen persona was at times outrageous and contained cutting edge verbal slapstick pushing the edges of the censors limits.  Sues’ recurring characters  included Uncle Al the Kiddie’s Pal,   Big Al the Sportscaster and he often made fun of cast mate Joanne Worley after she had left the show by appearing in drag and doing a seemingly perfect imitation, enjoying himself much to much.

One of Alan’s most memorable roles was in the classic Twilight zone episode “The Masks”

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We recently found some great Video of Alan Sues, still brilliantly funny at 84 years old

And here is some wonderfully funny stuff from how most of us remember Alan Sues

Heres Alan a few years later on a game show panel, what Irony on the question….

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