Bobby Fischer: Born March 9, 1943

Bobby Fischer was America’s first World Chess Champion.  A prodigy and an American champion since the age of 13, Fischer’s Championship years were highlighted by the largest gaps in scoring ever.   Essentially there were no other players even within his league.  Sadly Fischer declined his status and virtually disappeared as he continued a growing hatred of both his Country – America and his own Jewish ethnicity.  It seemed his brilliance in Game Theory was so great that it left some gaping voids within his basic social abilities.

Best Books:

  • Bobby Fischer My 60 memorable games, by Fischer
  • Bobby Fischer Goes to War,  by David Edmonds
  • Bobby Fischer’s Games of Chess, by Fischer
  • Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess: by Fischer
  • Bobby Fischer: The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion by Karsten Mueller

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