Stella Liebeck: Born December 14, (1912-2004)

Stella Liebeck Photo in court
Rare Photo of Stella Liebeck the inspiration of the Stella Awards

Stella Liebeck is remembered today as the person behind the Million dollar lawsuit against McDonalds for burning herself with hot coffee and the aptly named “Stella Awards” .   The  recent book The True Stella Awards is a real look into frivolous and outlandish legal cases in the United States.  You may have received one of these emails that make their circulation on a   yearly basis.  They are in fact more myth than reality (Yet very  funny)  Randy Cassingham has written and interesting and funny book with   “documented” cases of real Legal lunacy here in America.   As for Stella Liebeck, though  she got more than  she deserved,  she actually did receive horrendous 3rd degree burns all through her thighs (images available with a google search) McDonalds has since stopped keeping their coffee at 180+ degrees!  She ran up an$11,000 dollar  hospital bill for an 8 day stay that required several skin grafts.   All she initially asked McDonald’s for  was $20,000 to cover her costs and suffering.   Seems fair,  but  MacDonald’s countered with an offer of $800.00!  Yes, only  Eight Hundred Dollars!  Thats it….. So it turns out that though Stella certainly did not deserve such a large award,  Mcdonald’s certainly deserved some type of  financial lesson.

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