Metro Goldwyn Mayer: Established April 17, 1924

The studio’s official motto, “Ars Gratia Artis”, is a Latin phrase meaning “Art for art’s sake.” It was chosen by Howard Dietz, the studio’s chief publicist, in 1924. The studio’s logo is a roaring lion surrounded by a circle inscribed with the studio’s motto. The logo, which features “Leo the Lion,” was created by Dietz in 1916 for Goldwyn Pictures and updated in 1924 for MGM’s use. Dietz based the logo on his alma mater’s mascot—the Columbia University lion. Originally silent, the sound of Leo the Lion’s roar was added to films for the first time in August 1928. The studio’s informal motto is “more stars than there are in heaven”, a reference to the large number of A-list movie stars under contract to the company in the 1930s. This second motto was also coined by Deitz, and was probably first used in 1932. The METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER name was first used in 1924

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