Peter Riegert: Born April 11, 1947

Crossing Delancey, Local Hero, Animal House, Barbarians at the gate… Peter Riegert is one of those few talented Actors many of us remember for his roles and yet we may not even remember his name.  Riegert had starring roles in “the Mask” and won a screen actors guild award for “Traffic”.  I still remember his character of Igor Straminsky on a couple of M*A*S*H* episodes. He  also portrayed a crooked New Jersey  Assemblyman in the Sopranos and attorney Chauncey Zeirko in several episodes of  Law & Order.   Riegert once dated Bette Midler  and worked alongside her in the television movie Gypsy. But most recently his role on Barbarians at the gate won him an emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries

Here is a recent biographical interview with Peter Riegert.

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