Rene Zellweger: Born April 25, 1969

LWT’s -Celebrity Tipping Point:
Rene Zellweger’s “tipping point to fame may have been back in 1996 when Olivia d’Abo got pregnant.  You see this lifechanging event for D’Abo  caused her to back out of “The Whole Wide World” – A film that did not seem all too important –   Zellweger stepped into this role opposite Vincent D’Onofrio, and though this was just a  low-budget film, unknown to most – it was seen by a  young talented writer-director named Cameron Crowe who happened to be looking for a lead opposite Tom Cruise for his
Jerry McGuire script.  Cameron was well over budget and needed a relatively unknown actress  that would not cost him to much, Zellweger was cast……

Rene turned 43 this year

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