Tim Burton: Born August 25, 1958

Here are some Tim Burton Quotes about Beautiful Burbank!

“I don’t know what it was (His penchant for B movies), maybe the movie theaters in my immediate surrounding neighbourhood in Burbank, but I never saw what would be considered A movies”

Growing up in Burbank also this quote is so true!, we had few choices in the 70’s, The Magnolia Theater was right around the corner, I can remember watching Billy Jack and Billy Jean and several Godzilla movies there. To watch slightly better movies required a 1 hour walk to the Cornell near beautifull downtown burbank I still remember a few risk your life excursions into North Hollywood to see Network & Midway at the El Portel on Lankershim. What were my parents thinking? half the theaters on Lankershim in those days were xxx pusycat theaters. If your a Burton fan similarly obsessed with pop culture check out our posts on “Mars Attacks” bubblegum cards and classic cover art at our sister website coverart.com.

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