Lady Victoria Hervey: Born October 6, 1976

Lady Victoria Hervey Autograph Photo Gallery, often misspelled “Harvey”

Lady Victoria Harvey Brief Biography
Victoria Hervey is the daughter of Victor Frederick Cochrane Hervey, the 6th Marquess of Bristol and Yvonne Marie Sutton. At 5’11 and a natural model, Lady V as she is called came to tabloid stardom due to some risque’ outfits she wore in early 2000’s. Though Lady Victoria Hervey did not make it with Hollywood success as an actress she is credited in dozens of films and Telivision shows simply portraying herself….

Lady V’s quote below seems to have been prophetic

Personal Quotes for Victoria Hervey:
I used to think my title would count against me in life, but I now realize it will be a great help.

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