Joyce DeWitt: Born April 23, 1949

Joyce DeWitt surely falls into our “What ever became of….” section of LWT. She almost completely disappeared from the public eye after her hit series Three’s Company ended in 1984. Not appearing as a regular on any other television show, which has led to a frenzy of Joyce DeWitt?” retrospectives in newspapers, entertainment columns and television gossip shows.

Years later, DeWitt would reveal that she turned her back on Hollywood and show business because of the disrespectful treatment she received from the producers of Three’s Company. Nevertheless, DeWitt would go on to co-produce and host the NBC-TV television film Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company (2003) with actress Melanie Deanne Moore portraying her during her time on the Three’s Company series. In late 2008 she also earned a part in an indie movie called Failing Better Now that, as of July 2009, has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit.
Heres are some great clips of Joyce on “Three’s Company”

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