Alex Lifeson: Born August 27, 1953

Celebrity Tipping Point:
Alex Lifeson was at a cross roads with his bandmates in 1976. Mercury records was about to pull the cord on them after the unsuccessful “Caress of Steel” concept album with its dark and complex lyrics and hard progressive experimental rock sound.   Record execs wanted them to simply repeat their previous work, you know, sound more like Led zepelin?.   At this point Alex and his band-mates, exhausted from touring  decided to F*!* the execs and go out in glory with yet another similar concept album.  They each had decided they would play and write music on their “Last” album their way or no way.  The Album was 2112. It cemented the Rock band as one of the all time bests, and though the executives and music critics never understood Alex’s music, Rush’s fans continue to fill concert halls and stadiums while the more popular bands of that era can be seen at your local Indian casino.   By the way, the Album that was their tipping point had been dedicated to Ayn Rand, a libertarian philosopher.  2112 being a rock tome based on and mirroring  her novella “Anthem” ,   Rush also has an earlier song (both songs written by drummer and lyricist Neil Peart) named “Anthem” which also  mirrors the books philosophy of Man against the masses or any “collectivist society” .

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