Tony Bennett: Born August 3, 1926

Tony Bennett Turns 85 this year – 2011

Tony’s first break “tipping point” occurred In 1950 when Pearl Bailey asked him to join her at a Greenwich Village night club after hearing him sing at a small club. After several weeks of singing with Bailey’s act (The only white face in the act) Bailey introduced Bennetto to a friend — Bob Hope. And this is Tipping point number 2. It was Bob Hope who convinced Bennetto to drop the “O” and go by Bennett. And asked Bennett to join his touring stage show.

Bennett was eventually signed by Mitch Miller after wining a talent competition called Songs for Sale. Tony was Old enough to go head to head with Sinatra and Crosby yet young enough to continue his career well into 2000+. Though most of his hits were in the 1950s, including standards such as “Rags to Riches””, “Because of You”, Boulevard of Broken Dreams” But it was his hits from the late 60s that most of us remember him for – “I Wanna Be Around to Pick Up the Pieces” and “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”

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