Kim Delaney: Born November 29, 1961

Kim Delaney Mug Shot – 1991

Kim Delaney has hit the tabloids recently for no apparent reason!  What the tabloids are calling dishevelled and inchoherent seems to this writer to be  a beautiful woman who will be turning 50 this year showing up to help a worthy cause and unable to ‘see” the lines from the teleprompter.  The only thing I got from the video was an unprepared actress who had problems reading from the teleprompter.

It is unfortuanate that (1) ONE run in with the law 10 years ago for possibly driving while under the influence has now resurfaced to help all the tabloids jump on “She’s Drunk or on drugs on Stage” bandwagon.

If the current president of the United States where held to the same standards the headlines may look something like this


Obama claims U.S. built the Intercontinental  Railroad, 57 American States, Lincoln founder of Republican party  in speech today.  He must be on drugs or has some mental problems we are unaware of….



Here’s the Video of Kim Delaney for you to make up your own mind. Comments? What do you think? let us know below..

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

Some of the best interview videos:

Here is a wonderful photo tribute


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