Tahnee Welch: Born December 26, 1961

Tahnee Welch Photo on Cover of Woman's Day

It is hard to believe that Tahnee Welch turns 50 this year, she is in our “short list” of 50 turning 50

Tahnee Welch was born in San Diego California to American Movie Icon Raquel Welch (Tejada) and James Welch.  She was a model and an actress with dozens of appearances in magazines such as vogue, Interview, Marie Claire etc. but it was her starring role in one of Ron Howards first mega blockbusters Cocoon where she played the quintesential Beautiful woman (Alien) that most of remember her from.  Tahnee went on to film the sequel as well as a steady career up untill 2001 which seems to be her “retirement” from Hollywood.

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