Charlize Theron: Born on August 7, 1975

Celebrity Tipping Points For Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is undoubtedly one of the most talented women in Hollywood today. Winning an Oscar put to rest any questions about her acting ability. Born on a South African farm during apartheid Charlize studied dance and performed on stage from an early age. She used her finances from modeling to continue her “dream” of dancing professionally and took advanced lessons at New York’s Joffrey Ballet School untill a knee injury ended that path (Tipping point #1). Deciding to become an actress, she moved to Los Angeles where like the tens of thousands of other actors found it dificult to find work, living off of her depleting savings and surviving on swiped or borrowed food Charlize took her last modeling check to the bank to cash…. (Tipping point #2) A typically courteous bank teller refused to cash the out of state check, She became furious and in a scene reminiscent of Ricky Ricardo began to yell & swear in Afrikaans! as she settled down and walked out of the bank a stranger handed her his card, presuming he was nothing more than a creep trying to pick up on her until finding out later that he was truly a serious agent representing many actors including the currently busy “Star” John Hurt. The rest is history you already know…..

Two very negative (actually 3, we choose not to write about one) and yet pivotal moments were partially responsible for this Hollywood “Stars” climb to fame.  Lessons we can all learn from as we travel through lifes most dificult times, sometimes these difficult events in our lives must be looked at as possible opportunities or may be even small miracles as we look back at them in time.

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Charlize’s ability to lose her Afrikaans accent and speak in a perfect American accent came through hard work and coaching.  Check out this recent interview in combined English and Afrikaans

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